Our river also flows at night.

Helping communities manage their access to water near the Dominican Republic and Haiti border.

The Locally-led Water Security Initiative is providing managerial training and guidance to ensure that Neighbors’ Association in El Guanal and Development Council in Arroyo Blanco collaborate with local water authority, National Institute for Drinking Water and Sewage (INAPA, for its Spanish acronym). This newly active collaboration is helping identify key solutions to improve water delivery for households. In this case, the Program built a 20,000 gallons tank that storages water during the night to be delivered to unserved communities at dawn. This is making a difference for more than 500 households in El Guanal, Arroyo Blanco, and nearby communities; whereas more people are willing to pay for the improved water service. This initiative is being supported by USAID and two private partners, Industrias San Miguel (ISM) and Fundación Popular.